K – O

KaA – [Kah-AY] the name given to the work unit of expressed faith.

K’Dalkian System – the system of planets the Vinthur call home.

Kraythe – [krayth] a word shared in both Liangu and K’Vo languages referring to a short but blade.

Kulri-Kraythe – (M) Liangu for ‘the blade that doesn’t miss’.

Kulrithe – [KUHL-rith] a word shared in both K’Vo and Liangu languages referring to a sturdy and impressive sword.

K’Vo – (V) [KAY-voh] the tongue of the Vinthur. It is not the same dialect spoken when they were on their homeworld. Words have been changed due to the coming of The Founders and The Campus as well as their time when the fought alongside the Malgovi.

Kwilek – [KWEYE-leck] a hominoid life-form, diminutive when compared to the Malgovi or Vinthur. They stand anywhere from 25 – 50 centimeters tall. Not much is known about them save for the fact that they are from an unknown dimension.

Liangu – (M) [lee-AHN-goo] the tongue of the Malgovi.

MaGem – a type of Castor, usually finding and/or focusing their spells through gemstones. Often referred to a Stone Mages.

Maior Nathu – [MY-or nah-THU] often called the Elders, not much is known of these mysterious and incredibly powerful creatures. They have been mistaken for gods and even angels. They are creators and protectors of creation. One of their banished members is responsible for the destruction of Old Earth and the creation of Neve.

Malgovi – [mal-GO-vee] blue-gray skinned hominoids possessing incredible intellect. Most of their kind is born with an innate ability to wield iro. Their iroforms can vary from simple electricity to directed amplified light (lasers) and photonic emissions.

Mal-Vin – the name given to the militia that patrols and protects the Deku & K’Dalkian Systems.  They are 88.75% Vinthur which is not a well-known fact.  Despite these numbers, the Malgovi Queen is still considered the monarch of both regions and they remain quite loyal.

MannA – the semi-sentient energy generated in allow Castor to invoke spells.

Mendacanti – a group of foragers that move about in the Realm Astral, picking up whatever they can find.  With the way the Realm Astral works, they are just about ALWAYS picking up something.  At the heart of things, they are pirates and often steal from one another. 

Mind Castor – (V) despite what the name might imply, these are wielders of ThoughtWill and are the masters of the possibilities of the mind.

Names of Rank – (M)

Tier PlacementName (Male / Female)
Shay-SpawnNo name given
One Iroform (Adept)Ba / Bai
Two Iroforms (Adept)Zel/ Zella
Three (+)Gai / Gaio
One ProficientPral / Pralla
Two ProficientZal / Zalla
Three (+) ProficientGyn / Gynna
One MasteredNior / Niora
Two MasteredZil / Zilla
Three MasteredGan / Ganna
One Grand MasteredTel / Tella
Two GMVior / Viora
Three GMFalo / Fala
Four GMThuun / Thuuna
Five GMSori / Soria
MentorXaix / Xurza
PedagogueKyzor / Kasori
Star-WielderVi-Gan / Via-Gona
Star-WalkerDalvar / Dolvuri

Naxia – [NACK-zee-ah] the direction of North.

Neyeh – (V) [neh-YAY] a very strong stated disagreement or refusal in the K’Vo language.

Nyaka – (V) [NIE-ah-kah] the K’Vo word given to one’s most special beloved. A term usually exchanged between mates.

Nyx’Zynkor – (A) [nicks-ZIN-core] the deity of the Athun; a large and intimidating horned figure with four hands. In his lower pairs he holds various stylized archaic weaponry. His upper arms grasp forearms or fists, and there is a fifth arm that protrudes out of the back between a pair of large leathery wings; that hand, without fail, always cradles a small child. The symbolism suggests that the Athun are fierce warriors but their aggression cannot be without reason as brotherhood is praised above combat and the protection of the young/future is their top priority.

Octi-star – a week in the Malgovi calendar. 8 star-terms. 4 octi-stars make a hendeca-term.

Old Earth – a reference to the time when Terrans (humans) were last on the planet Earth and thriving; ranging from the twenty-first to the thirty-first centuries.  

Olig – meaning 1,000. It is normally used as a prefix to another word (i.e. olig-tram = 1,000 trams)

Orbi-term – one year on the Malgovi calendar. 8 star-terms is an octi-star. 4 octi-stars make a hendeca-term and 11 hendeca-terms make an orbi-term.

Orov – gigantic creatures that feed on ambient energy to sustain themselves. Often taken for slow, they are surprisingly agile though not necessarily as strong as they might appear.