F – J

Faster than Light – a type of drive for a vessel, called VQI Drives (or Vicky) which stands for ‘veloci qui illuminus in the Rims and Hyperiro Speed among the Malgovi and Vinthur.

Founders, The – the name given to the Mal-Vin who were the first to demonstrate innate Energy-wielding capability. They are attributed with having developed the powers that aided in the defeat of the BroSohnti. It was also used to refer to Zeu Rex and the Family from The Rims.

Gere – a unit of mass. Approximately the same as one gram.

Grenbi – a sentient, shape-changing life-form that lives to consume energy. No one knows where they come from, but they plague both the systems of the Malgovi and the Vinthur, making necessary a maintained Mal-Vin Militia.

Hendeca-term – a month in the Malgovi/Vinthur calendar. Each one is 32 star-terms long.

Hominoid – a biological form, possessing two legs, two arms and a head.

House Rankings – the hierarchy of family status and influence. The Cadre is the lowest echelon, barely receiving anything other than the ability to possess a name. It is the term to most families in Malgovi culture. The Kith is only slightly more powerful than the Cadre, possessing either property or a noted skill. The House ranking is given to those who have received either attention of favor from the throne.

Iro – [EYE-row] light/energy

Iro-Curtain – an energy barrier usually deployed as a protective shield.

Iroform – [EYE-row-form] an expressed form of energy.

Iro-Gell – one who is highly skilled in the manipulation of energies, requiring that knowledge of at least three be demonstrated to even be considered for the title. Gellvu refers to male masters while Gellvi is a female master.

Iro-Suit – clothing and/or armour designed to assist the EnervationisT conserve power and focus their iroform expressions.

Jump Stride – SEE Stride.