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Ever wonder what goes through the mind of someone as they create a whole new world? Well… here’s one author who can tell you –


A Unique Vision…

Born in a common house, in a common land, during a common time, Reiter was issued to the world in the same manner as any other notion of life. Born of circumstance and perspective, he came to see life from a standpoint most might label askew (but let’s not get him started on labels). It was through this angle of vision that his mind opened up to the limitless possibilities of thought and existence.

Since our first act is to covet, Reiter’s train of thought was detoured to mythology and how such fantastic stories were used to explain scientific fact. That is where his abilities were first applied; the battle that rages between Atlas and Hercules continues to this day. The Moon moves closer to the Earth and then further away, depending on who is winning the contest. It is a simple beginning, perhaps, but a beginning nonetheless and one that ushered other stories that grew along with the young man, encompassing greater scope and depth.

What some call daydreaming, he calls a work in progress. There is a universe out there, full of theory and definition – waiting for its story to be told. It holds comedy, tragedy, adventure, mystery, horror, action and intrigue. Reiter is but one of its storytellers!


Founding Member of the Confederacy of the Quill – an international writers’ cooperative – and the Chronographer of the Realms of Th’IaM.

Words to Live By

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

Albert Einstein

I Think… Therefore I Am. I Will… Therefore I Can.

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