A – E

Athun – red-skinned hominoid life-forms that are honor-based and theocratic. While hair color may range anywhere between white and yellow, their eye color is wholly contained to the range of yellow. They worship the five-armed deity named Nyx’Zynkor.

Austral – the direction of East

Bindamu – [been-DAY-moo] the characterization of all life-forms that walk on two legs.

BroSohnti – gray-brown skinned hominoids that are a race of expansionist-conquerors. Large in stature and physically powerful, they fight for the sake of fighting. They were so powerful that they were able to attack the Malgovi and Vinthur at the same time and drive them from their homeworld.

Castor – base name given to those who manipulate MannA, a sentient energy, in the form of spells. They can go from there and specialize in wizardry, sorcery, elemental conjuring, etc.

Deketal – (M) [DECK-et-uhl] a decade, or ten years.

Deku System – the system of planets that the Malgovi call home.

Driahdré – (M) [DREE-ah-dray] the assumed abode of righteous spirits after their demise. In K’Vo, the term is Ky’Zhanbior [Kie-ZHAN-be-or].

Dungi – (V) [DONE-gee] K’Vo for excrement.

Dwanstar – (M) a newborn star. In the Malgovi culture it is called a perfect thing in a perfect time.

EnerJa – [en-er-JHA] the name given to the fuel behind the generation of non-sentient energy forms.

EnervationisT – a life-path of one who is dedicated to the wielding of EnerJa. Most Malgovi are born with the ability.

Exemplar – (M) a rank in the Mal-Vin Militia. It is a Team Leader with distinction or specialty that separates them from the norm.