The Journey Begins…


You have just entered a new realm – a new Universe where there are worlds, races, powers, allies and enemies just waiting to be discovered.

Your place may be with the wielders of Iro… or perhaps as a Traveler… it could be that your destiny lies on a ship flying through the stars… or straining your skills on a battlefield… maybe you’re most suited to hours spent pouring over ancient tomes… or engaged in a game of chess that will shape the cosmos.

Whatever your place – wherever your destination – you will find yourself…


The world keeps expanding… New adventures at every turn!

A venturesome sci-fi/fantasy novel for readers who really want their action set where no man has gone before.

Kirkus Reviews

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Find yourself racing across the stars to a whole new world filled with skill, technology, and even magic. A truly can’t-miss epic series for those who love Space Opera… and Sci-Fantasy.

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